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wool and environment
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Wool + Environment

The new process for the felt free of wool is CORONA FINISH. It has got many environmental advantages opposite the widely used SUPERWASH process.

CORONA FINISH does not use the many chemicals which are necessary within the SUPERWASH treatment. This automatically reduces the consumption of water – one of our most important resources.


Within our EU Life III supported Project SUPERWOOL Major improvements have been realized. Based on our studies and activities involving the German DWI (Wool Institute in Aachen) and further national Partner we now have build a base for industrial Production.


The environmental advantages when using CORONA FINISH for the felt free process of wool are

  • Chlorine free
  • AOX free
  • No use of strong acids

Following through this:

  • Avoiding neutralisation
  • avoiding rinsing
  • low water consumption
  • the wool is “organic”
  • Global standard / soil association suitable