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Wash & Care

Recommendation for the handling of wool during manufacturing and household care.

CORONA FINISH treated fabrics are well protected against the challenges during washing, whether it is industrial or  domestic washing.

CORONA FINISH wool is, as SUPERWASH WOOL, well protected against felting.

But, wool is a luxury fibre, by nature not prepared to stand high mechanical effects. In consequence it is simpler to protect your woolen garment to prolong the lifetime of the article.

Any Influences of washing or dyeing won’t show through felting. But it might be possible for the appearance and the surface to change because of final treatments.

Home Wash

Pflege 30°
Pflege 30° Schonwäsche

CORONA FINISH wool is washable. We recommend to limit the temperature of washing to 30°C. Wool wash program is best.

Wash at 40°C is possible as well, but probably not necessary

A high load of the washing machine will influence the appearance of the textile as a temperature rise.

Your garments will be happy when treated carefully!