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Within our SUPERWOOL project CORONA FINISH was developed

As usual, in textile finishing, the target is to sustain the properties of the fibres and to modify negative effects into positives for the comfortable use for the consumer.

The properties of the “natural wool fibre” differ between positive and negative as well. For day to day use they are:


  • Uptake of moisture
  • Body climate management
  • Warming


  • Felting during washing
  • Change of shape during washing

Wool gains the felt free property through Corona Finish and it maintains its shape after washing.

As described earlier Corona Finish uses an atmospheric plasma, a physical process, normally not known in textile finishing, which is often chemistry based.
The first step is a modification of the surface. In further finishing processing steps – all organic friendly – the finish is completed.

Contrary to the treatment with enzymes only the surface gets treated not the whole of the fibre. Accordingly the positive properties get protected. This is the same for the warming properties as well as for the strength of the fibre and its common properties for day to day usage.

Felt free through Corona Finish provides best performance. The treatment is:

  • Chlorine free
  • AOX-free
  • Felt free
  • Hydrophilic and
  • just like wool

Corona Finish creates a easy care finish for wool.

The longer lifetime of Corona Finish textile fulfils all demands of sustainability and saving of resources.