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  • Plasma treatment for wool
  • AOX- and organic FELT FREE FINISH
  • organic wool now is machine washable

Within our project "SUPERWOOL" the "CORONA FINISH" was developed.

Through this felt-free-wool is produced. Products such as socks, sweater, underwear are suitable for home laundring.

CORONA FINISH is a multi step process, where plasma discharge is a pre-treatment. During further processing steps around dyeing the finishing is completed using a selection of additives.

The news: Now production is AOX free, ecological sustainable and fullfills highest organic demands.

CORONA FINISH treated wool is

  • AOX free
  • Chlorine free production
  • Gentle to ressources
  • Felt free
  • Machine washable (30 or 40°C)
  • Consistant fibre quality


CORONA FINISH is organic and is being used in organic and natural textiles.